Professional Web Content Development

The internet is a highly competitive arena in which to do battle for customers for your business, whether you have a small blog or a major business website each and every one of your pages will be competing against hundreds of thousands of similar pages with similar keywords. Unless you can make your site and your pages stand out from the rest of the crowd you will never make it to the first pages of the search results to gain organic traffic for your business. Organic traffic is the “free” traffic that the search engines send to your pages based on what they search for and what the search engines believe that your page is about based on what text is on the page. If this is a good match then readers will stay on your site to read more and possibly become customers or loyal followers of your site.

SEO and Web Content Development

SEO content development is the science of telling Google and other search engines what your page and site are about through what is known as on page Search Engine optimization. Content that does not clearly tell the search engines what it is about is likely not to gain many searches as the search engines will not know what visitors to send. SEO content development is about telling the search engines what traffic to send to the page through the use of keywords and other similar words used within the body of the content and within areas such as header tags and alt tags on your images as well as other places. There is however a fine line between telling the search engines what the page is about and what is known as keyword stuffing; overusing the keywords to try to game the search engines into sending traffic. Recent updates by Google such as panda and penguin have been introduced to penalize sites that do not offer quality sites to the reader and who engage in web spam tactics. Therefore SEO content development has changed a lot over the last year to ensure that you will not suffer ant penalties from Google through your website content development; unless you use companies still advocating the old ways of doing things!

Web Content Development with

Web content development must be focused more on the reader than the search engine; after all it is the reader that you will be hoping to engage within your business. If the reader does not like what they see when they click onto your page and immediately clicks away again then it does not matter how much SEO content development you have done. Your web content developer at fully understands this distinction; they will work with you to create content that will keep the searcher on your page and within your site to hopefully convert a reader into a customer for your business. For risk free development of content contact them today to boost your traffic.